The Townsend Nursery
The Townsend Nursery


We have used our Early years pupil Primium budget to buy this stunning new literscy and language outdoors cosy hut. The impact has already been very apparant with the children it was supposed to support accessing numeracy resources and re-enacting teacher sessions, and on other occasions stories being retold using some of the literacy resources.

Welcome back to our new term and all our new children always an exciting time making new friends and learning new things.  This term sports day will be  June 24th 2021 and our school trip to West Midland Safari park will be on Thursday 8th July 2021 .



As a leavers present the parents, very kindly bought us a parachute shelter for forest school.


Urgent Infection Control Notice



Dear parents/carers

please help us with our infectious control policy in light of the covid -19 pandemic. By following these simple procedures.

  • If you have had contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with covid follow our operational plan; be extra vigilant for flu like symptoms including a very high temperature and cough and if in doubt about yourself or your children please stay at home, notify the doctor and the nursery and get tested

We have explained to the children the importance of hand washing and this applies particularly if your child has a cold.

Used tissues are placed directly in the bin after use.

  • All door handles and surfaces are wiped down at the end of the session and during the morning with anti viral wipes .

  • Adults in the nursery use anti-bacterial wash on their hands.

  • Remember we are not in the main flu season as yet and the WHO(World Health Organisation) are predicting the situation to worsen after 50 days and particularly in the Autumn term, when we normally see an increase in cases of seasonal Flu.

  • If we have a reported case the nursery will  seek the advice from PHE

  • Please be aware there has been an increase in the insisance of Measles in certain European holiday resorts please be extra viginant if your child has not been inoculated